Presenters: Dr. Rosemary M. Lehman and Dr. Simone C. O. Conceição are authors of two new pioneering books about online teaching.

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Day One: Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching
Discover how a strong sense of online presence contributes to greater student satisfaction and retention. Your presenters explore the psychological and social aspects of online presence from both the instructor and learner perspective and provide an instructional design framework for developing effective online learning.

Based on solid research and extensive experience, this conference will provide you with suggested methods, illustrative case scenarios, and effective activities for creating, maintaining, and evaluating presence throughout an online course.

Participation in this two-day online conference will help you develop effective online learning communities and achieve desired learning outcomes.

Day Two: Managing Online Instructor Workload
A large number of institutions are now providing online programs, requiring instructors to change the way they think about teaching and master a distinct set of workload management skills. On Day Two, you will examine workload management for online instructors, practical strategies, advice, and examples for how to prioritize, balance, and manage an online teaching workload.

Based on surveys and interviews, the timely and comprehensive insights provided by doctors Conceição and Lehman are essential for online instructors, instructional designers, faculty developers and others involved in online learning.

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CEU's are available upon completion of the conference.

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