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Certified Faculty Developer (CFD) / Curriculum
1. Engaging Student Learners
Train your faculty to engage students in leading activities in the online learning environment. Discover the four stages of the Phases of Engagement Model developed by your instructor. After attending this session, you will be able to train faculty in a step-by-step process to design engagement activities, plus take away an assessment rubric for each type of engagement activity.
2. Multiple Assessments
It’s one of the most exciting developments in education. But many instructors are not yet comfortable with creating and analyzing multiple assessments. Give your teachers the knowledge to write performance objectives, choose appropriate assessments, and measure the effectiveness of each assessment. Types of assessments that can be used to formatively and summatively assess learning in a variety of contexts will be discussed, with an emphasis on online assessment.
3. Best Practices for Online Faculty
Get the latest models and benchmarks for online teaching. Discover the latest state of online learning in higher education. Then acquire the leading online course critique standards, a 20-point evaluation check list with both essential elements and best practices for online faculty.
4. Designing Hybrid Courses
Within 20 years, almost all courses will be hybrid. New studies show that online and hybrid can be even more effective than the traditional face-to-face classroom. Hybrid courses also lower facility costs, and save faculty and students time. Come discover the four essential keys to designing successful hybrid courses. Take away the guidelines for training faculty on converting their faceto-face courses to hybrid, enhancing learning for your students.
5. Designing Visuals for deeper learning
• Shoot the bullet: Design PowerPoints for knowledge construction
• Creating slide storyboards
• Information topologies and meanings
• Online handouts
6. Designing Multimedia for e-Learning
Take your institution’s online courses to the next level. Get the latest on Multimedia-based online lectures, and how to train your faculty to use multimedia presentations effectively both online and in the classroom.
• Blend audio and visual elements for effective multimedia presentations
• Apply best practices to the design of podcasts and auditory learning
• Shoot the bullet: Design PowerPoints for deeper learning and knowledge construction
7. New eTools for Developing Content Objects
Start taking advantage of the growing number of eTools both commercial and non-commercial for rapid development of web-based content objects. Adopt new strategies for online course design by incorporating media rich and interactive web-based learning objects to increase learner engagement with course content.
8. Marketing and Promoting Faculty Development
Find out what works in marketing and promoting faculty development on your campus. Get techniques on designing an effective web site for faculty development. Find out the keys to sending out email promotions. Learn whether print promotions work. And discover why testimonials are the “magic” promotion.
9. Generational Learning Styles
Generations learn differently. So your Boomer and Gen X faculty have different learning and teaching styles from your Gen Y students. Brief your faculty on what they need to know about generational learning styles to enhance their teaching. Your faculty will learn more about their students, and discover something new about themselves.
10. Faculty Development Planning and Programming
Discover the keys to successful faculty development planning and programming. Find out how to do quick no-cost needs assessments. Learn how to design surveys for faculty and get a high response rate. Acquire advanced program planning techniques. Get the world’s best evaluation form to receive a high response to your evaluations, so you can be able to improve your programs from the results.
How to Apply
You can apply for the Certified Faculty Developer Institute in any of these ways:

Click here and register.

Send your application information to us at info@lern.org.

Complete and fax the attached application form, along with a purchase order or credit card information, to

You can reserve your place with a credit card by calling Tammy at
800-678-LERN (5376).

Complete and send the attached application form, along with a purchase order, check or credit card information, to
PO Box 9,
River Falls, WI 54022.
Fees & Benefits

The fee includes the Faculty Development Manual, and also included are PowerPoint slide shows to train your faculty.

There is no additional fee for taking the exam. For those passing the exam, you will also receive a framed certificate and CFD medal suitable for framing.

The registration fee is $995 for the first person. Send a second person from your institution. The second person fee is just $695.

“LERN has done an outstanding job.”
- Paula Hanger, CFD, Norman Moore
Technology Center, Norman, OK
“I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short amount of time.”
- Cindy Officer, CFD
Gallaudet University, Washington DC
“I learned how to help faculty
improve learning outcomes while simultaneously being more efficient.”

- Larry Grieshaber,
Marysville University
“It will change my training procedure.”
- Gary Pitts, CFD,
Southern Crescent Technical College, Griffin, Georgia
“The CFD adds more weight to job security.”
- Steve Szymoniak, CFD,
Texas State Technical College, Harlingen
Home :: Curriculum :: Agenda :: Registration Information :: Register :: Download Brochure